Meet the Doctors

Dr. Payman Danielpour

Dr. DanielpourA native of Beverly Hills, Dr. Payman Danielpour has travelled to many regions to train and develop his skills in surgery. After graduating from Beverly Hills High School, Payman studied medicine at the Chicago Medical School.

It is there where his interest in the field of cosmetic surgery took shape. His experiences in the Midwest have helped accelerate his growth in being a health provider for his community.

As an honored medical school graduate, Dr. Danielpour continued his education at the Nassau University Medical Center in New York, specializing in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In New York, he was accepted into the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, which is the largest and longest lasting private practice group in the country.

With a wealth of training and experience, the scope of Dr. Danielpour’s expertise covers plastic surgery, dermatology, breast cancer reconstruction, aesthetic breast surgery, and body surgery.

Dr. Danielpour has also trained at Mount Sinai Medical Center and the University of Illinois.

Dr. Danielpour has been featured on various local news programs such as NBC-LA, Home & Family TV, Entertainment Tonight, and The Doctors.  He serves on the scientific advisory board for Skineez and Neodyne.

Dr. Danielpour has worked with Dr. Layke in developing Beverly Hills MD, which is a highly recognized skin care line that uses the most advanced dermal technology and natural ingredients.  These products resupply essential nutrients that will help sustain a youthful image and protect from environmental effects.

He is an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  He also holds a staff position at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and Olympia Medical Center.  His background includes a board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.



Dr. John Layke

Dr. LaykeDr. John Layke attended Marquette University in Wisconsin and followed up on his interest in surgery through attending the Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

He received general surgery training in Chicago and has worked at several hospitals in Illinois, including the University of Illinois Metropolitan Group.

During his senior year at the University of Illinois, Dr. Layke received the Vijay Maker, MD Award for academic excellence.

Along with Dr. Danielpour, Dr. Layke received extensive training in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at Nassau University Medical Center and the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group. He is currently an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Layke is recognized as an expert provider of cosmetic surgery, dermatology, facial augmentation, and breast enhancements. His versatility in the industry has only helped grow the size of his clientele.